About Us

About Us

To understand the foundations for the creation of the CSS F.A.T. MAG, as a reader you must be informed of the brand that is the driving force behind the magazine.

The CSS F.A.T. MAG is owned and created by a buying group called Construction Supply Specialists, commonly known as CSS. Page 4 of the October – December 2016 issue provides a broader brief to who we are as a company, but below is a quick summary for you to follow.

CSS is made up of over 90 independently owned and operated stores nationally, forming our “member” network. CSS provides each member with a direct link to key product suppliers, national pricing contracts that result in competitive pricing at the coal face, professional catalogues, marketing services and general support and technical assistance when and where required. CSS also forms a structured network of operators to combat the multinational companies which trade in our market segment.

The CSS F.A.T. MAG was an idea that developed into a reality when the first issue was published in May 2013. CSS created the magazine purely to provide our membership base of 90 stores nationally, with a publication that provides their customers with great information, great stories and great deals.

Our network of stores together with our array of leading national brands, have a lot of great information and interesting stories to tell. By sharing our market knowledge and stories it helps build our creditability in the market as a leading trade outlet. We are the industry experts in our field, so why not bring this to the attention of customers, rather than keep it a secret.

By building a publication that’s informative and interesting, combining it with a number of pages of advertised products, then we end up with a magazine that has overall value to the consumer. If something has value, then it will be retained and not discarded.

We hope you start to build your library of CSS F.A.T. MAG, as future issues will be filled with different articles and features of products and applications to all matters of the construction, mining, industrial and building markets.

Thanks for taking the time to read our magazine, and if you would like a hard copy, please visit www.constructionsupply.com.au to locate your nearest CSS member store. Or phone 03 9357 4228 to seek assistance.


Paul Davy.

CSS Group National Marketing Manager

17 Lakeside Drive

Broadmeadows, Victoria 3047.