June – August 2018

June - August 2018


AS 1252: 2016 – A Brief Overview

The 2016 issue of AS 1252 significantly raises the quality bar over the 1983/1996 standards, and when product is supplied that adheres to it, will result in higher quality structural assemblies. The most significant aspect of the 2016 standard is the addition of a mandatory assembly test. The assembly test requires all components of a structural assembly (bolt, nut and washer) to be tested together: where the [...]

Industry In Action June - August 2018

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ICCONS Makes an impact

ICCONS recently brought their on-site rig to the Impact-A trade day, showcasing and educating on their wide range of fasteners and tools. ICCONS recently brought the ICCONS ON-SITE rig to a trade day at the site of the Impact-A store in Canberra. Impact-A is the brand-new store wholly owned by the CSS Group. And what a great day it was, in typical [...]

Product Awareness June - August 2018

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Nitto Kohki ‘Game Changer’ In Cordless Magnetic Base Drilling

Nitto Kohki Australia, market leaders for Quick Release Couplings, Pneumatic Tools, Magnetic Based Drills and Annular Cutters have released the CLA-2720, a ‘World First’ 7kg Cordless Magnetic Based Drill. Mere words cannot come close to cover the endless applications and convenience this new Nitto Kohki CLA-2720 offers to the market. At just 29cm tall and weighing only 7Kg, compact size, lightweight body, high performance and comprehensive safety systems [...]

Product Awareness June - August 2018

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Wireless, On Demand, Dust Extraction

Makita has modernised on-demand dust extraction with the new Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) to meet the needs of cordless power tool users. The convenience of AWS allows you to work with maximum efficiency while minimising the hazard of harmful dust from operating power tools & no trip hazards from power leads. Featuring our legendary cordless technology, the AWS range has the power, speed & runtime to keep you [...]

Product Awareness June - August 2018

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You’ll love Sterling Ultimax Beyond Measure

Sterling is excited to unveil the new Sterling Ultimax and Ultimax Pro tape measures; tapes with features to make your job easier. Through rigorous product testing and development, we have managed to keep the strengths of our tried and trusted tapes, while adding ground breaking features to elevate the tapes to a market leading position. Enjoy optimised legibility with Easyread technology, an innovation exclusive to Sterling Ultimax. Perfect for [...]

Product Awareness June - August 2018

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Things Have Changed Get To Know Your Glove Markings And What They represent

The Standard applies to protective gloves and refers to their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear, puncture and impact. Key changes to the Standard include an additional cut test (ISO13997) if the traditional cut test (Coupe Test) fails while a non-compulsory impact resistance test has been added. ProChoice Safety Gear supports any Standards reform that improves accuracy of [...]

Product Awareness June - August 2018


Impact-A’s Got You Covered

Impact-A is an evolving brand in the Construction Market and is owned by the CSS Group, arguably Australia’s leading buying group with over 85 plus stores nationally. Currently the range includes of shovels, wheel barrows, brooms, plastic packers, strapping, hand tools, galvanising paints, cleaning products and a range of safety products and drill bits to name a few. All Impact-A products are suitable for use in [...]

Good Advice


The Cutting Edge

Using the right cutting or grinding disc for the right material can be a matter of life and death. By Meg Crawford The number of cutting and grinding discs on the market coupled with the range of applications for which they’re needed can make the choice of disc overwhelming. Luckily, with quite literally centuries of combined experience between them, Saint-Gobain (Flexovit) and Pferd are industry [...]

June - August 2018


The Road to Phillip Island

What does it take to race at Phillip Island? Broc Parkes found out last year. And in the lead-up to October’s Australian MotoGP, he’s well-placed to muse on what makes it the pinnacle of motorbike racing. Liz Swanton explains Ask any racer and they will tell you there is nothing quite as satisfying as competing in front of a ‘home’ crowd. For professional motorcycle racer Broc [...]

Industry In Action June - August 2018


In A League Of Their Own

From humble beginnings with one man and a combi, Peerless Products now stands alone as Australia’s market leading supplier of air compressors. By Clea Sherman The early days of Peerless Products involved a backyard production line and a combi van. After starting his business in 1962, founder Norman Healey acted as manufacturer and sales manager, driving around Victoria and NSW to sell his [...]