May-June 2019

May-Jun 2019 Product Awarness

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Makita DRS780 combines power and portability

Makita, a frontrunner in brushless motor technology and battery innovation, combines both in the 18Vx2 Brushless Rear Handle 185mm Circular Saw (DRS780). It’s powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries for maximum performance and has an electronically-c ontrolled Brushless motor that matches torque and RPM to the application. Makita 18Vx2 means freedom from the cord, even for demanding applications like cutting sheet and hardwood timbers that have traditionally called for [...]

Industry In Action

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Not all timber connectors are equal

There is much more to timber connectors than just bending bits of steel and punching holes in them. Every State or Territory in Australia has building regulations that call up the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA is volumes 1 and 2 of the National Construction Code (NCC) and the NCC provides minimum standards to meet performance requirements of buildings. The NCC includes relevant health, amenity, sustainability [...]

May-June 2019

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Rotary laser level

DeWalt introduces the DCE079D1G-XE 18V XR Li-Ion Self-Levelling GREEN Rotary Laser Delivering precise levelling and measurements in professional applications such as drywall and drop ceiling layout, foundations and site levelling, deck building, carpentry, masonry elevations and a wide range of first fix construction work, DEWALT® has added the DCE079D1G-XE to its Rotary Laser series. The new green beam delivers ultraprecise working distances up 600m (with impressive accuracy of [...]

May-June 2019

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Dustless Anchoring

Why use ICCONS® Blue Bangers? Blue Banger Hangers have been engineered to save you time and money and are backed by industry-leading test approvals, design and application engineering. Each insert handles multiple threaded rod diameters and installs in a fraction of the time of post installed anchors. Blue Banger Hangers are the insert of choice for the building services trades including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping and Fire [...]

May-June 2019

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New Bostik Seal N’ Flex Advance

A next generation construction solution Bostik’s Seal N’ Flex family of expansion joint sealants have been a preferred choice among Australian tradespeople for more than two decades. The newest addition to the Seal N’ Flex product line, Bostik Seal N’ Flex Advance, enhances and adds to the already revered benefits of Bostik’s popular joint sealants. While Seal N’ Flex 1 and Seal N’ Flex FC are [...]

May-June 2019

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The Standard applies to protective gloves and refers to their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear, puncture and impact. Key changes to the Standard include an additional cut test (ISO13997) if the traditional cut test (Coupe Test) fails while a non-compulsory impact resistance test has been added. ProChoice Safety Gear supports any Standards reform that improves accuracy of testing results and ultimately safety in the workplace. We have long [...]

May-June 2019

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On the cutting edge

Norton Clipper provides a one-stop shop for all cutting, grinding drilling, building, and industrial construction markets. From residential and habitat projects to large scale civil engineering ventures and everything in between, Norton Clipper can equip you with the safest and highest performing construction blades, machines and abrasives that not only help to improve your personal comfort but contribute to a greener environment. It was Clipper that [...]

May-June 2019

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Matson – The battery accessory specialists

Founded in Australia more than 70 years ago, Matson is a leading name in manufacture and supply of quality battery related products. The product range covers everything that charges, discharges and connects batteries: Charging – Battery chargers ranging from 6V through to 48V applications, big and small, waterproof, domestic and industrial. Jump starting – 12V and 24V jump starters and jump leads for all applications. Lightweight, high-tech lithium jump [...]

Community News

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Inside Sydney’s Opal Tower

It was an unhappy Christmas for the residents of Sydney’s Opal Tower when cracks appeared in the building’s concrete structure. Now, an investigation into the cause of the defects is shaking up NSW’s high-rise building laws. By Shane Conroy Brilliant from every aspect. That was the sales pitch for the new 36-storey Opal Tower development in Sydney’s Olympic Park. Now, just months since [...]

Industry In Action

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Safety First

From selling work gloves in the early ’90s, Paramount Safety Products now sees its range of products used onsite all around the country—and soon around the world. By Kerryn Ramsey Family values are key for Paramount Safety Products, a Perth company founded by the late Rob Bird. This former stockbroker and competitive sailor—he competed in the World Championships for nearly 20 years—recognised that, in the 1980s, personal protective equipment would be hot [...]