October – December 2014

Community News 2014


Win with the CSS FatMag FAT Chance Promo!

Without a doubt everyone has thought “I’ve got a fat chance of win- ning it…”. Well with the help of the CSS Group, who put together this magazine, we want to give you your FAT Chance to win!! Over the next three issues, there will be $17,500 worth of prizes up for grabs each and [...]

Interesting Facts 2014

Maurice Momo Allen

Milwaukee knows what tradies want

Given the fast pace businesses are operating in, combined with the sheer volume of content we are all exposed too, making an impact and ensuring your message reaches the right target market is growing more and more challenging Sponsorship, as a promotional medium, forms a vital component of Milwaukee’s overall strategy, says Tom Mathiesen (Brand Manager [...]

Need to Know 2014


All decked out

Simpson Strong-Tie’s range of fixings and related products are what you need to get the best results when building a deck With so much of our
lives now being
spent outdoors and
the encouragement
of rooms that bring the outdoors in, decking has become a large part
of domestic housing and general construction. Whether it be a small deck that [...]

Brand Awareness 2014


Simply the best

Since 1987, Kincrome has been committed to continual improvement, innovation and inspiration Director Paul Burgoine makes no bones about it—at Kincrome, they are always looking for ways to do things better. “Given my father’s history in
the trade retail setting (he was the
joint founder of Burson Automotive), keeping the needs of the customer at the forefront, [...]

Product Innovation 2014

1.High Quality High Speed

Ozbroach …
a cut above the rest

From humble beginnings, the Australian-made OzbroachTM cutter has grown to become a market leader ”Used in conjunction with our ATRA ACE magnetic drills, the OzbroachTM high-quality high-speed steel cutters will cut holes three times faster than conventional twist drills. The OzbroachTM cutter is the only cutter made in Australia and is superior in many aspects [...]

Product Awareness 2014

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Hit the deck

As decking season approaches, we look at the importance of getting the smallest detail right to ensure that the structure is safe, secure and enjoyed by everyone October is traditionally decking season, as the warmer weather and approaching summer party season see the demand for alfresco entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common to [...]

Industry in Action 2014


Garry Rogers – Motorsport The building of a race car: Part one

They drive Volvos and are damn proud of it. Meet the team behind Garry Rogers Motorsport as we get a rare insiders tour of their Dandenong facility and discover how they build winning racecars ”Despite popular belief, a race car is not just a road car with fancy stickers stuck to the side,” says Les [...]

Brand Awareness 2014


Go with the Powers

Powers Fasteners has a range of innovative products and systems for decking applications Powers SMART-BIT® is
the best way to drill and countersink your timber in one easy move. The powers Smart-Bit® has a bearing-stop collar which eliminates countersinking too deep into the timber, giving every countersink exactly the same depth, with the finish of a [...]

Building & Construction 2014


HIA supports changes to planning rules

The Housing Industry Association (HIA), the voice of Australia’s residential building industry, “supports the changes to the planning rules proposed by the State Government,” said HIA executive director, Western Australia, John Gelavis. “The exemption of single residential, R Code compliant houses from Local Government Authority planning approval has been at
the forefront of the HIA advocacy [...]

Building & Construction 2014


Lowest number of work-related deaths in 11 years

Australian workplaces have recorded the lowest number of fatalities in 11 years according to data released by Safe Work Australia in the report Work-related Traumatic Fatalities, Australia 2014. The annual report found that 191 workers died from injuries received at work in 2013. Distressingly, the fatality rate for self-employed workers (4.39 deaths per 1,000,000 self-employed [...]