October – December 2015

October - December 2015

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When good concrete goes bad

When laid properly, concrete is one of the few substances that gets stronger with time. But premature deterioration can be a costly exercise for those responsible for repairing the damage, as Tracey Porter discovers.  In the years Grant Dowling has spent assisting his clients with their refurbishment and structural strengthening requirements, he has just about seen [...]

Brand Awareness Dec-2015

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Strength in numbers CSS, the name behind the names

In battling the buying power of multinational corporates, CSS bands together independently owned stores across the country, writes Mitchell Oakley Smith.  One of the biggest complaints in any industry is service. Or, more specifically, a lack of it. Automated check-outs have replaced staff at supermarkets, online shopping has left major department stores short of traffic and [...]

Industry In Action Dec-2015

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To the finish line – The building of a race care: Part Four

Building a car is one thing, but keeping it moving requires great skill, writes Sue Nelson.  It has been a busy time of year for the team at Garry Rogers Motorsport, who have watched their Volvo S60 race car—built by the small team of 40 staff—crisscross its way around the country from its debut in Perth, to [...]

Cover Story Dec-2015

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A family affair

Three generations of the Winslow family have built Richmond Wheel & Castor Co from a one-man operation into a major Australian manufacturer, writes Shane Conroy.  Richmond Wheel & Castor Co is a genuine Australian success story. Since its humble beginnings as a one-man steel trading operation in the 1950s, three generations of the Winslow family have steered the [...]

Community News Dec-2015


Fat Chance winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the last edition’s competition, who won their “Ultimate Break for Freedom” and can enjoy spending their $3500 travel voucher. A big thanks to our sponsors: Kincrome, HB Fuller, Beaver Brands and Impact-A. The winners are: QLD: Simon McDonald WA: Gary Walker NSW: Paul Fleming NT: Bruce Shillington VIC: Joseph Vrapjenak [...]

Need to know Dec-2015

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Research forum on coal seam gas draws keen crowd

A joint research forum on agriculture and coal seam gas was held in Roma, Queensland, in late August, with more than 80 industry professionals in attendance. Held in partnership between the University of Queensland [UQ], the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance [GISERA], Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and AgForce Projects, the forum allowed for the [...]

Need to know Dec-2015

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Residential building work on the rise

Master Builders Australia has recorded an increase in approvals for the building of new homes of 4.2 per cent, seasonally adjusted in July 2015. “The rise in dwelling units approved will add further strength to the pipeline of work yet to be done by residential builders with 223,000 dwellings approved in the 12 months to July,” [...]

Community News Dec-2015

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Call for more apprentices and 457-visa workers

With construction and renovation work at a record high on the far south coast of New South Wales, a labour shortage may be looming in the region, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. The result of a high number of new home approvals, government infrastructure projects and a rise in renovations, builders say more apprentices are needed [...]

Need to know Dec-2015

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Construction industry paperwork app set to expand

Australian technology company APE Mobile has raised its intended $2 million to help support its international expansion. Its unique mobile app, targeted largely at the mining and engineering industries, allows site managers and builders to manage paperwork electronically. Founded by Matt Edwards and David Hayward, and supported in this first round of capital by Jolimont Global [...]