October – December 2017

Industry In Action 2017

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Better driveability and corrosion resistance

Introducing the new Macsim 550 Stainless Steel product range 550 Stainless Steel is a high strength martensitic stainless steel with a chemical composition of 13% - Chromium, 1.5-2.4% Nickel, 2.0% Molybdenum, 0.16% Carbon, 0.10% Nitrogen, AND 0.003% Boron. Designated as YUS550, it has been specifically created to provide improved hardness, and improved corrosion resistance when used for the manufacture of self-drilling screws, pins, and other high [...]

Product Awareness October - December 2017

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A tool box in a cartridge

ToolBox™ Original is an MS polymer, moisture curing adhesive and sealant in one Building on a heritage of 130 years and over four decades of experience in the Australian construction industry, H.B. Fuller offer a multi-use adhesive/sealant that is truly a ‘tool box’ in a cartridge. Toolbox™ is a hybrid moisture curing adhesive and sealant with high grab strength for use in a [...]

October - December 2017

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Safety Boot Guardrail System

The Safety Boot Guardrail System provides contractors with a proven method for the easy construction of a safe, reliable and cost effective free standing guardrail that complies with the requirements of AS/NZ4994.1:2009 and AS1657-2013. Locally manufactured in Melbourne, the Safety Boot has been an effective form of edge protection on Australian Building Sites for over fifteen years. Originally it was designed and developed in the United [...]

Product Awareness October - December 2017

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Alpha gives cutting edge performance

Get more holes with every single Alpha Gold Series Jobber Drill, at no extra cost. Longer-lasting and fastercutting drill bits are the dream of every tradesperson and nothing beats the Alpha Gold Series drill bits, that outperform any other brand. Manufacturers such as Brett from a truck body builder in QLD have been saying for years that no other drill bit comes close to [...]

October - December 2017

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Turn of the screw

Taking the time to understand correct fastener selection is a no brainer when a poor choice can, and often does, result in you taking a financial hit. By Tracey Porter It is difficult not to resort to clichés when discussing the subject of screws. But the truth of the matter is when it comes to selecting the right one for the job you’re [...]

Cover Story

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Mr Mount Panorama

Six-time Bathurst 1000 winner Craig Lowndes has been a perennial crowd favourite throughout a career that has spanned more than two decades. And he’s showing no signs of slowing down. By Shane Conroy After claiming his sixth Bathurst 1000 title in 2015, TeamVortex driver and sentimental favourite Craig Lowndes had a horror run at his favoured Mount Panoroma track just 12 months later. Mechanical problems [...]

Need to Know 2017

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The Safety machine

Maddison Safety’s vending machines has revolutionised the onsite delivery of PPE and industrial consumables. By Meg Crawford Maddison Safety has grown exponentially since Tim Maddison’s dad Keith started it in 1990. “In the very early days, the old man was working out the back of his Ford Falcon station wagon,” Maddison says. “Then it went into a shared warehouse, to us having our own [...]

Industry In Action 2017

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The value of face-time

With Internet sales becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming clearer there’s one important value the web can’t match—old fashioned expert advice, like you get from a CSS member store. By Sue Nelson There is no doubt the Internet is a convenient way to shop—browse, click, pay and bang, your next consignment of goods is on its way. But it’s rarely that simple. Most businesses have [...]

Need to Know 2017

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Born to build

Meet David Moyle, the 2016 Master Builders Association Young Builder of the Year who matches ambition with ability. By Andy Kollmorgen It’s been a while since Ballarat Construction Management (BCM) director David Moyle picked up a hammer, which is not necessarily to his liking. These days, the working life of the 2016 Masters Builders Australia Young Builder of the Year is “one hundred [...]

Need to Know 2017

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The Sidchrome Project Car returns

The Sidchrome Project Car for 2017 has been named. This year, the Sidchrome team have got their hands on a ’69 Mach 1 Mustang. The plan is to team up with Charlie Schwerkolt’s Team 18 Supercar crew to manage its transformation into a fully fitted-out muscle car, which will then be given away to one lucky Sidchrome customer. Over the last two years, [...]