October – November 2013


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Building Success

For the Canzoneri brothers, success in business is as much about partnerships as experience It says something about the values that drive a business like the C3 Construction Group. Originally a family company called Classic Paving, and now run by brothers Sebastian and Salvatore Canzoneri, it has grown to become one of the largest tilt [...]

Product Awareness

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In A Spin

A solar-powered rotating house, which can complete a 360-degree rotation in ten minutes, has created a stir in Canberra, selling a couple of months ago for $1.2 million. The house, which rotates on casters supplied by CSS suppliers Richmond Casters, has generated a lot of press for its eco-credentials, and the fact that it spins [...]

Industry In Action


Manufacturing Our Own Rules

Despite popular opinion that can verge on the negative, experts say the future of manufacturing in Australia is not all doom and gloom. In fact, if we learn to ignore the price war and instead compete on our own terms then the picture is a positive one. By Chris Sheedy “A business in any industry [...]


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Dodgy Danger

While tradies and site managers are both responsible for making a building site safe, a jerry-built solution is dangerous because it offers a false sense of security. Danielle Gusmaroli investigates A young workman is toiling in the searing Australian heat on the rooftop of a two- storey house. Behind him, a makeshift net covers the [...]

Cover Story

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Safe Hands

Beaver Brands has grown from a local manufacturer to a proactive manufacturer and importer which puts safety and relationships at the heart of everything they do. Although price is always an issue for those in the market for supplies, there are some things you just can’t cut corners on—safety equipment. Even if you didn’t have [...]