Clamping up

Sutton Tools has recently launched FOUR new series of industry-strength clamps.


This range of four sizes is designed for heavy industrial and professional applications—when you need to hold weighty materials in place. The aluminium alloy body is designed to withstand immense pressure, with a clamping force of up to 350kgs. These clamps feature buffer jaw heads with automatic bounce-back action when released. The bar is made of strengthened carbon steel.


In another four-size range, the nylon composite clamp body is strengthened with a carbon steel bar. The Deep V grooved or flat TRP grip pads are changeable, allowing you to clamp different shaped objects firmly without damaging their surface. The dual clamps have a jaw depth of 85mm and provide a maximum clamping force of 200kg.


Coming in three sizes, our parallel Lockjaw clamp is easily converted into a spreader. Its carbon steel bar allows the clamp to slide quietly while making it a lighter weight and the aluminium alloy clamp body is finished with powder coating. With large flat TPR pads and a jaw depth of 100mm, the parallel clamp has a maximum force of up to 400kgs!


Finally, we’ve redesigned our standard Lockjaw ratchet clamps and the large 102mm, medium 63mm and mini 38mm hand clamps are now manufactured in robust nylon composite. The ratchet mechanism has an easy release trigger. Each size has V-grooved clamping pads and TPR grip handles for firm handling.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.34.56 pm

New Lockjaw clamps, from left to right: The 63mm Ratchet clamp; 300mm One Hand Aluminium Clamp; 300mm One Hand Dual Clamp; Parallel clamp

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