Cover your class with Metabo

With L, M and H Class models, Metabo’s ASR 35 AutoClean Plus range of all-purpose vacuum cleaners is designed to help tradesmen maintain a healthy working environment.

Construction generates several different types of dust, many of which pose a serious health risk to both tool operator and others on site. Especially as fine dust can hang in the air for many hours after generation. For example, drilling, cutting, grinding or polishing concrete, brick, mortar, tiles, stone or other masonry, generates dust that contains crystalline silica particles, commonly called silica dust. Silica dust particles between 1 and 0.1μm (1,000μm = 1mm) in size are close to invisible and are so small that they can be breathed deep into the lungs, where they can cause irreparable damage. These small particles are called Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) and are known to cause diseases such as silicosis (an irreversible stiffening of the lungs), lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and renal (kidney) cancer. Scary stuff if you are exposed to masonry dusts all day at work! To reduce the risk of exposure to RCS dust, the various state government workplace health and safety offices around Australia recommend the use of industrial vacuum cleaners that comply with either the Class M or H requirements in AS/NZS 60335.2.69:2017 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Particular requirements for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, including power brush, for industrial and commercial use (IEC 60335.2.69 ED 5, MOD). Metabo’s ASR 35 AutoClean Plus range of all-purpose vacuum cleaners includes models that comply with the Class L, M and H requirements. They are all designed for extraction direct from a connected power tool and have a power socket for that power tool, that allows the vacuum to start up automatically when the connected tool is in operation and shut down automatically when it is turned off. The M and H Class machines, complete with anti-static hose, will also continue to operate for around 10 seconds after the tool is  turned off, to ensure that the suction hose is completely empty of dust. All three models come complete with the AutoClean Plus function, that electromagnetically shakes the filter cartridges clean when the suction performance falls below the optimum level, allowing for automatic filter cleaning while in continuous use. The volume flow indicator will light up when the container is full and/or if the suction hose is blocked. A sound is also activated, in the case of the M and H Class machines. All three models are suitable for both dry and wet vacuuming. Each machine will shut down when the maximum fill level of liquid is reached. Each model can also be fitted with either paper or fleece filter bags, for applications that generate small amounts of fine dust. For applications that generate large amounts of fine dust and for H Class dusts, a PE disposal bag must be used. Metabo also offer a range of extraction adapters such as the Metabo GED 125 grinding shroud, CED 125 Plus cutting shroud, DDE 14 and DDE 72 drilling extraction adapters that, when connected to a Metabo tool and industrial vacuum cleaner, extract dust from the generation point, before it escapes into the air. These adapters provide the perfect partner for the M Class ASR 35 M ACP and H Class ASR 35 H ACP vacuum cleaners, especially when working with masonry. These powerful 1400 W vacuum cleaners have a 35 Litre collection container and come with 8 m power cables, to give you plenty of reach. The L Class ASR 35 L ACP comes standard with a 35 mm diameter, 3.5 m generalpurpose suction hose, whereas the M Class ASR 35 M ACP and H Class ASR 35 H ACP models come with a 35 mm diameter, 4.0 m anti-static hose to prevent static charge build up. All three machines provide plenty of suction with 248 hPa (mbar) of vacuum pressure and 3660 l/min of air output, and each model’s large wheels and casters make manoeuvring easy. Metabo’s ASR 35 AutoClean Plus range of all-purpose vacuum cleaners provides a solution for all the major dust classes and applications. Although they work best with Metabo tools, they also work with other tool brands with correctly fitted dust attachments.


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