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Don’t risk non-compliance

Australia has recently introduced a new Standard for Postinstalled Concrete Anchoring. Published by Standards Australia in late 2018 titled AS 5216:2018 “Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete”. The new Standard was developed by an expert committee (AEFAC) representing relevant organisations in the fastening industry. This New Standard requires cast-in and all post-installed fasteners to be considered either as safety critical or non-critical. * Safety-critical applications are defined as fastenings where failure may result in collapse or partial collapse of the structure, endanger human life and/or cause considerable economic loss. Non-critical applications would be fasteners into concrete where failure is not likely to endanger human life or result in a substantial economic cost. The determination of a Safety- Critical Application should be made by the design engineer or the person responsible for the installation if they have the necessary design skills. All safety-critical fasteners must be designed for the appropriate design loads as set out in the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. Many post-installed fasteners that have typically been used in the past will no longer be suitable for safety-critical applications in cracked concrete. Retailers, you also have an obligation to ask the question of your customers, “are these fasteners being used for a safety-critical application?” as well as educate your customers on their statutory requirements and the need for correct design.

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