April - June 2020


We are already a couple of months into this new year and the recollections of a somewhat interrupted vacation period are already distant memories as the hustle and bustle of daily work life have become the norm again. Appointments lined up, phone and text messages to check, emails from all over and people seeking advice, answers or they just need an ear to listen to them, becoming a regular occurrence throughout the day.
Fortunately for us, most of the Members of the CSS Group were spared much of the heartbreak that the bushfires, floods and cyclones brought down upon so much of this great country over the first month and a bit of 2020. We are thankful for that blessing and extend our combined thoughts and good wishes to all of those that were less fortunate than us. God’s speed in your collective recoveries.
Knowing that so many small businesses have been affected both directly and indirectly by the torment of the first six weeks or so of 2020, I thought it important to provide a little detail on what small business means to Australia and the importance of everyone getting behind them to get them back on their feet and back in the game. The figures below stand as a testament to why we all need to get behind those small businesses and their hard-working staff who have been impacted.

• It is reported that in 2019 more than 220,000 new businesses were registered with The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) here in Australia. That’s more than 600 businesses per day starting up and looking to make a quid and many, many of those would be regarded as small businesses. Some pretty big numbers when you think about it.
• According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 98 per cent of Australian organisations are defined as small businesses (having fewer than 20 employees and revenues of less than $10,000,000 per annum). Another set of figures that equate to another significant set of big numbers.
• Small business in Australia makes up around 35 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and that is an overall contribution to the economy in excess of $650 billion dollars based on last year’s figures.

Obviously, our intimate involvement with the members of the CSS Group (all small businesses in their own right) and having considerable knowledge of other such groups, we are aware that businesses come in a vast array of structures, shapes, sizes and market focus and all face unique circumstances, challenges and potentials as they develop and grow. Using our industry segment as a template, there is no denying small business is a very big
part of the future of this country.
Australians, as a whole, have already shown their ability to stand by their mates
and to dig deep financially, personally and emotionally in times of trouble and strife and it just makes you proud to be part of the great Australian spirit.
As stated above, I am one of those that had an interrupted break that resulted in me coming home early with money in my pocket that I would have normally spent in the shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and other small businesses where I was to be holidaying. It is my aim to get back up the coast and spend some, if not all, that money in support of the companies, people and communities in and around the area. I know many others will be doing the same and I reckon this is one way we can make a difference and get some of the cashflow back into the hands of the people and communities who need it.
Small business is really big business that is spread around a little and this country needs small business doing plenty of business to ensure it stays fluid and strong going forward. Just look at the figures above and let’s help those affected, get back to doing the business of doing business in all areas and this will help build their communities.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look through this edition of The F.A.T. Mag and as always, if you like what you see and read, tell others but if you don’t, tell me. (jeff@cssgroup.com.au)