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Knipex VDE Range

Insulated tools are a matter of trust.

The electrical industry is one of the most progressive trade occupations. It is especially important to be up to date and to always have the right tool on hand. KNIPEX specialty pliers are carefully designed and manufactured in Germany, always focusing on the needs of the user which is vital when working on electrical installations. In this case, the electrician holding the pliers is also holding his life in his hands. KNIPEX insulated tools therefore not only meet statutory requirements, but also offer the greatest possible safety, reliability and performance.


Only trained professionals are allowed to work on live installations. Requirements that have to be met by tools used in live work are determined by DIN EN / IEC 60900. KNIPEX tools which bear the special 1000V mark are all approved for work up to 1000V AC. Every insulated tool undergoes, one by one, a dielectric strength at 10,000V AC before it is sold. This means that work in the area up to 1000 V AC has a safety buffer of 10 times the permitted maximum limit. Other procedures check the reliability of the insulation towards heat, cold, tensile and impact force. In addition to the KNIPEX quality assurance system certified to ISO 9001, external institutes and test centres such as the VDE guarantee that all VDE criteria have been satisfied. The insulation provides safety when handling electrical installations. In addition, the mechanical properties of the basic tool, such as cutting performance, precision and stability all form part of the overall quality of the insulated tools.

Professionals trust their tools, and with KNIPEX insulated pliers users can depend on safety, quality and durability.



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