NEW Digital Angle Finder TECH700 DA:3 tools in 1
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NEW Digital Angle Finder TECH700 DA:3 tools in 1

The new TECH700 DA digital angle finder from Hordern is more than just a digital angle finder. It’s also a level and a bevel. This uniquely designed and functional tool finds and establishes any angle from 0º up to and just over 270º. The non-obtrusive pivoting arm seats snugly inside the body (not outside) with an 8mm gap from the arm’s large flat surface to the work surface when looking at the display. In this way, the angle finder is extremely easy to work with seating flush on the work piece—timber, tiles, plasterboard, fibre cement sheeting, particle board, sheet material and even metal slabs. There are two wide contact edges for accurate and reliable marking. The touch of an angle bisector button instantly displays the angle in half measurements, which is ideal for mitre cuts. For use in poor or failing light conditions, the liquid crystal display may be illuminated to increase visibility.
With an angle already determined, the reference function can quickly measure a complementary angle whilst the hold function saves the measured angle. The large easy-to-turn lock mechanism enables the reliable transfer of angles. The level has two permanently fixed, high visibility, non leak, non fade, electrostatic stable vials for lasting accuracy. The high-quality sturdy ribbed trade level is suitable for use in both the horizontal and vertical positions as well as upside down. The new TECH700 DA digital angle finder is available in two sizes – 450mm and 800mm.

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