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Protect with Bostik Fireban

Fire and smoke can cause the greatest damage to any building and in many cases; it leaves the building beyond repair. Aside from the physical damage done to the building, this can also leave behind a significant financial and emotional burden to those impacted by it. Fireban now includes four products that are designed to seal the gaps from room to room, floor to floor to slow the spread of fire to give people time to evacuate, the fire services time to respond and the owners a better chance at saving their investment. Fireban Fire Protection will fill and seal linear joints and penetrations where air and subsequently fire, could move. The range has applications across various substrates and systems such as concrete floors and walls, precast and tilt up panels, brickwork & blockwork, rendered masonry, plasterboard and fibre cement sheet. Bostik Fireban range complies with the latest relevant standards and works effectively to slow the spread of fire. Choose Bostik Fireban to protect the spaces in which we live, work and play.

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