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Ramset™ ChemSet™ REO502

NEW Ramset™ ChemSet™ REO502 PLUS the latest Chemical Anchoring Epoxy Adhesive from ramsetreid™.

Ramset™ ChemSet™ REO502 PLUS supersedes the REO502 Jumbo and REO502 Easy Flow products with a new formula which can be installed in Dry, Damp and Wet concrete and even Flooded Holes without any additional loading time. When installing ChemSet Anchor Studs or threaded rod in flooded holes, there is NO reduction in design load. Ramset™ REO502 PLUS comes in an award-winning robust cartridge which is made in Australia and has been designed for Australian construction conditions. The 600ml cartridge fits easily into the Ramset Universal Applicator Gun, along with our ChemSet 101 and 801Xtrem™ products.

Features includes:

  • ETA

  • Cracked Concrete

  • Seismic C1

  • Use in Dry, Damp, Wet or Flooded holes

  • Rotary Hammer or Core Drilled Holes

  • Easy dispensing in cold weather

  • Low Odour

  • VOC Compliant

  • 50 Year Design Life

  • Long Working Time

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Above: the Ramset Universal Applicator Gun, and the ChemSet™ REO502 PLUS



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