Bacho ERGO™ range

The hand tool range with the little fish and hook, otherwise known as Bahco, has been widely accepted and embraced across Australia, and for good reason. With over 24,000 products globally and a majority of these manufactured in-house in Europe, quality and innovation are the pillars of this company’s success.

Growth in Australia and globally is set to continue with Bahco’s ERGO range. This range has been developed in direct R&D with elite tradies globally, ergonomists and industrial designers. It has incorporated their direct assessment and feedback to produce a range of tools that have been designed to improve performance and reduce strain, stress and fatigue of the end-user as well as creating new features that haven’t been seen before. From reshaping handle grips, adjusting angles and evolving material selection and overall design, the ERGO range will fit like a glove, be more efficient and last longer than its competition.

The Chisel range has been produced with precision ground blades for maximum sharpness from hardened and tempered quality steel. The 434 series can effortlessly slice through an Oregon length and when pushing the chisels with your palm, the ERGO handle’s rounded base is designed to feel comfortable and precise when you drive through the timber. Suitable for detailed work onsite to timber window and door specialists these ultra-sharp and strong chisels are comfortable to use because they are strong and sharp. These chisels will be your go-to moving forward with sizes from 6-50mm.

The Screwdriver range has a blacktip that produces precision use with no flaking of metal or coatings that can start the corroding process on stainless steel fixing. The high-performance steel adds strength and reliability. The key component is the rounded almost bulb-like end of the handle, which even when applying maximum pressure feels great in hand. Due to the round edges working pressure is spread evenly across the hand/palm, which reduces stress or strain. A flat face stops the tool from rolling off tables and benches. Colour coded markings allows for easy selection, minimising your time to finding the right tip!

Overall the ERGO™ tools are the only choice for professionals who know only the best will do.

  • Reduce the risk of injury/strains
  • Firm grips under all working conditions
  • Well balanced l Improved quality and enhanced productivity due to superior designs
  • A lot more than just a fancy handle