When a demanding job requires an extra boost in performance, DEWALT® XR® FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ has it covered. This revolutionary technology has been designed by DEWALT engineers to enable 18V XR tools with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE to recognise an XR FLEXVOLT battery, unlocking up to 77% more power when needed to complete more challenging applications.

Not only does this feature deliver additional power when required on tougher jobs, but it increases the versatility and runtime of the equipment, too – allowing an 18V XR product to handle a host of different applications, and significantly enhancing the flexibility and productivity of the professional’s toolkit.

DEWALT has built XR FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology into five new high-specification products, which will be available from April 2021. Each model delivers the performance of corded combined with the freedom of cordless operation and is equipped an electronic module that detects the presence of an XR FLEXVOLT battery, as well as an efficient, brushless, high-power density motor suitable for carrying out heavier applications.

  • Ground-breaking DEWALT® XR® FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ technology unlocks up to 77% more power
  • Innovative electronic module enables a DEWALT 18V XR tool to recognise an XR FLEXVOLT battery and unleash additional power when required
  • Allows DEWALT 18V XR products to leverage XR FLEXVOLT performance to complete more challenging applications without changing tools
  • Increases versatility and potential to tackle different applications by escalating power output accordingly.