February - March 2021

One of the hardest things to do, if you have the task of writing a welcome in a magazine, journal or another form of public periodical, is to write an ‘on point’ article that is topical for the time its published and released.
This might not seem much of a problem but consider that it is currently late November 2020 (in my real time, now back in the past) and the article you are now reading was written back then.
Now consider the events of the past 12 months or so. What a horrible year it has been. Possibly the worst ever that the vast majority of us have had to endure—or hopefully will ever have to again. Fires, droughts, flooding rains, unsettled economic conditions and of course a BLOODY GLOBAL PANDEMIC to contend with.

I am thinking it would be fraught with danger to try and predict the changes that may or may not happen in the space of the next 8 to 10 weeks before this F.A.T.MAG is released and you get to read this editorial (this time thing is doing my head in!). As such, I am erring on the side of common sense and remembering an old adage my father was keen on; “None of us can be 100 per cent certain about the future, but hindsight is an exact science and it be would hard to muck that up”.

OK, so here we go, I am now ‘back in the present’ and ready to go. From a group perspective, our members were fortunate enough to be listed as services essential to the forward movement of the country and we were allowed to remain open to work with and support other essential services. While I can’t speak for all of the independently owned and operated members of the CSS group, what I can say is, what an inspired move that was by the governing authorities to ensure businesses like ours remained open.

Small business is the heart and soul of the economics of this country, and small business owners were/are out there with their staff providing the service and support needed to keep the engine room running. We crack on about passion, desire, commitment, and the ability to make quick, decisive and forthright decisions but never has this been more relevant to ‘the needs of many’ than now.
Small business has once again illustrated that it has the get up and go and commitment and passion to match it with the best the corporate and mega stores have to offer. I am extremely proud to be associated with these key people in our industry segment. Most are local and they all look after their own very well.
Australians need to collectively take a bow also for doing the right thing (and are still doing the right thing) by their mates, families and their partners in the human race and who have gotten us to this point right now. Sensational effort and well done. You have proven yourselves a great bunch and worthy to carry the moniker AUSTRALIAN.

Anyway, while I am here getting ready for the Christmas period and you are there having gone through it, the great thing is we are all looking forward to the future with some positivity behind us. Now I am probably doing your head in as well.
The one certainty for us all is that there is nothing as constant as change. We can expect the future to be full of new challenges, brought about by change, and we must be just as prepared to meet them head on as we have been before.
CSS and its Members will move into the future with cautious optimism and are looking forward to strengthening the ties between all of our partners—customers and suppliers—as we go forward.

Thank you so much for supporting what we do as small business owners. None of us could do it without your support and patronage.
Best regards, and thanks for taking the time to go through our mag.

Jeff Wellard