October - December 2021

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Being a Victorian and being locked down as much as we have of late, I find myself thinking about all manner of things and wondering how we might have coped with the lockdowns without the array of electronic and digital accessories we have at our disposal. An electronic meeting with kids and grandkids offers a ‘virtual release valve’ from time to time, and I’d be lost without it.

While it is never the same as being tactile and interacting with people in a physical sense, computers and gadgetry are providing periodic ‘interludes’ to help keep us sane in this household. It is easy to focus on the negatives in situations like this, so I like to throw out challenges to encourage people to think, remain positive and stay motivated.

In this time of change and uncertainty, I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to the things that are important to me as a person. We have all heard it said that ‘the best things in life are free’ and that ‘love is all you need’, but when you get right down to it, what is it that is important to you right now? Is it fame, fortune, family, friends, music, drink, entertainment, notoriety or something else altogether? If you are honest with yourself, the answers might surprise you.

I shared my list with a few people who mean a lot to me and asked them to take up the challenge and do it for themselves. They tell me they enjoyed the experience and found it worthwhile.

For what it is worth, here is my list in order of importance to me and with a few thoughts. Hopefully it will stimulate you to do the same for yourself.

1. Health – At this time of life, this has become a top priority for me. Without continued good health all other matters will fall away rapidly. We all need this to ensure all the other important things in our lives stay with us.

2. Family And Friends – It is thoroughly fulfilling to care about people who care about you. This is a safety support mechanism that works two ways and provides all sides a barrier against loneliness, isolation and depression—even if it must be in a virtual sense. Love of family is like nothing else and many of my good friends are considered family.

3. Love – Not romantic love; that is taken care of with Family and Friends at 2 above. This love is the life force that drives me to enjoy, embrace and do all the ‘stuff’ I like doing. It is my life drug of choice.

4. Happiness – Being able to laugh and enjoy what is going on around me and then immersing myself and being part of it is a must. Feeling that ‘buzz’ inside that says—‘This is what I’m talking about’.

5. Time – Something I’ve never taken for granted. I have always known there is no controlling it and we all only have a given amount of it. Important to make every second count.

6. Passion – Setting goals, dreaming and chasing ambitions have always provided drive from within for me. I don’t always get there but the achievements made provide the catalyst for the next set.

7. Knowledge – Having the knowledge to ‘do and be a part of life’ has always played a part in my life and there is enjoyment in acquiring new skills, information and understanding.

8. Opportunity – Without opportunity there would have been voids in my life. I’ve never taken or made the most of every opportunity that has come my way, but I am happy with my position in life and regret nothing.

9. Safety/Security – It is comforting to feel safe and secure and know that we live in a great country where we can examine what is important to us without restriction.

10. Rest and Relaxation – Always been a great believer in working hard to provide the opportunity to ‘rest and relax’ just as hard at the other end of the scale.

Looking at this, maybe the good things in life are free after all. Without doubt, there will always be debate about what are the most important things in life because we are all individuals. Some want material possessions and to have more than the people next door.
Some might want power and glory and some may just want simpler lives. I would suggest those lists will be different than mine but, as the song says, “que sera, sera”.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the read.