February - March 2022

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As 2022 kicks off, there is renewed interest in a few campaigns aimed at supporting the heart of Australian business and the engine room of our economy and I hope everyone out there understands the importance of the message these campaigns carry. “When people talk about small business as the ‘engine room’ of the Australian economy, they are talking about millions of hardworking Australians. Those Australians have to overcome obstacles every day to create value for customers, jobs for employees, and community for our societies,” says Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.
These three slogans are being pitched on behalf of small businesses right around the country and I laud those who are behind the campaigns and wish them every success going forward.
While there is no consistent definition of small business across government in Australia, the two most used criteria for determination of a small business are: they employ less than 20 people (ABS) and/or that they have a turnover less than $10,000,000 (ATO).
The protection of small business operators was at the very heart of the creation of CSS when we began 20 years ago. Today, it is still the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in why we do what we do and why we fiercely support and promote the value of every member’s independence. Each and every CSS member is independently owned and operated and works hard at maintaining their position in the marketplace, their ties with local community and keeping people employed.
All CSS Members are a part of the small business army that contributed upwards of $418 billion to GDP in 2018/19, which was 32 per cent of Australia’s total economy. 4.7 million people were employed by small business in that year, which was 41 per cent of the business workforce. Small business is big business.
CSS is totally committed to supporting the ideals of these campaigns and will be doing our best to keep the focus on them in all aspects of our operational procedures moving forward.
We have already commenced a review of our Impact-A home brand range with an aim to convert more product from imported to locally sourced. We are extremely proud to announce that we have already converted two key product lines—Aerosol Paint and Buckets—and are working with local manufacturers on several others under our ‘Australian 1st‘ strategy.
We are very excited by the opportunities being presented as Australia is opening up again and trust there will be enough focus to kickstart a new wave of enthusiasm for getting manufacturing in Australia pumping. This combined with getting people to understand the value to the country of small businesses and the independent business owners working hard to keep them in the mix, will be our central theme in the year ahead.
You may have heard all of this before but believe me, the importance of getting involved and participating has never been more important than right now.
Thanks for taking the time to go through our magazine and we hope to have you with us next time around.