Advanced Anchor Design Softwear


The Macsim® SCAPRO is a state-of-the-art anchor design software offering National Construction Code (NCC) compliant solutions for the building and construction industry.

The software is ideal for designers and engineers to provide quick and accurate solutions for safety-critical applications in accordance with AS 5216:2021 for mechanical and chemical fasteners.

Features and benefits:

  • Design with Elastic and Rigid base plate
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Prying Loading is considered
  • Various shapes for the base plate
  • Numerous anchor arrangements
  • Australian Steel profiles and grades
  • Accurate anchor analysis with all failure modes considered
  • Seismic design as per AS 5216:2021
  • Design of redundant non-structural systems in accordance with AS 5216:2021
  • Displacements are calculated

Software Highlights:

Graphic user interface: Easy to understand and manage-clear base plate and anchor layout with rotation option.

Product selection: Range of mechanical anchors and chemical fastening systems to

Easy data input: Simple to use and intuitive user interface with easy product selection

Reporting: Single report generating results comparing all anchors performance.

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