Are you prepared for worker heat stress & dehydration?


Did you know it only takes 2% of dehydration to result in up to a 50% decrease in work and mental performance!

To ensure a safe working environment, an adequate supply of cool drinking water and providing electrolytes such as Sqwincher® is crucial for the prevention of dehydration, heat stress, injury and in the worst cases death.

Sqwincher® has served Australian workers since 1999 and is a recognised leader in providing safe and effective electrolyte replenishment products that promote fast hydration and good health. Create a safer & more productive working environment by making Sqwincher® an essential part of your heat stress management plans.

Not only do the Sqwincher® products taste great, are low in sodium, and are available in regular, frozen and sugar free options, but they are also certified under the BRC global standard for food safety. The range includes a variety of flavours in the following products:

Liquid Concentrate – Designed to help replenish fluids and electrolytes, keeping people with hard working lifestyles going. Low sodium, caffeine free and gluten free. Sizes available: 2L (mixes up to 20L) and 500mL (mixes up to 5L).

Qwik Stiks – Portion control sachets for on-the-go-use. Just add one Qwik Stik to a 600mL water bottle, shake and enjoy!

Fast Pack – Easy to use on-the-go electrolyte enhanced beverage. Simply tear off the top of the packet, fill with water to the indicated line on the pack, and enjoy your drink straight from the pack.

Frozen Sqweeze Pops – provides electrolytes for your body and helps to cool down your core body temperature fast with its frozen format.

Hydration that works!

To place an order or for further information on the Sqwincher range, contact your CSS Member store.