Crowning achievement


When a high-end design and construction company teams up with a unique roofing manufacturer, the results are exceptional.

By Kerryn Ramsey


When Cadence & Co was developing a large home on an acreage property in the Northern Beaches suburb of Terrey Hills, the project required an expansive roof that would complement the build and integrate into the landscape. Cadence & Co turned to CSS member No1 Roofing and Building Supplies to manufacture and supply its flagship roofing product, Snap-Line 45®.

Cadence & Co is a bespoke architectural design and construction firm renowned for high-end homes. Based in Sydney and the Southern Highlands, they offer a fully integrated service, working on projects from concept to completion. Its clients demand creative, detailed and liveable results.

“Charlotte Park, the property at Terrey Hills, was in the making for quite a few years,” says Chris Nesci, business development manager at No1 Roofing and Building Supplies. “They had a particular look and style in mind, utilising light colours and big, natural earthy products. Our Snap-Line 45 roof was a perfect match for the project.”

The Snap-Line 45® has a standing seam profile that doesn’t require a plywood substrate. Even though it’s designed to free-span, Cadence & Co choose to install it on a ply substrate in order to complete a premium build.

“Traditionally, a seamed roof requires a lot of manual labour to install,” says Nesci. “Our profile clips together, giving a nice wide flat pan with a high rib, but eliminating the need to seam the male and female sides of the sheet together.”



Charlotte Park is designed for expansive family living, built across two levels with soaring ceilings and surrounded by landscaped parkland including extensive gardens, a swimming pool and cabana, equine facilities and stables, a tennis court, children’s play areas, and herb and chicken pavilions.

“We wanted a roofing material with simple lines, but which had a scale and presence to match the site,” says Michael Kilkeary, Cadence & Co partner and design principal. “The profile of the Snap-Line 45® is reminiscent of traditional standing seam zinc roofing. The tray width gives scale to the roofing material and works harmoniously with the timber batten and board cladding of home. No1 Roofing fabricated the roof in Colorbond steel, using the colour Windspray. This strikes a beautiful balance with the palette of the house.”



No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies is a family-owned business that has been operating since 2000. The business originated in the Sydney northern beaches suburb of Narrabeen but now has 10 stores across Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and the Mid North Coast.

“Twenty years ago, we saw an opportunity in the market for a company that delivers quality service throughout Sydney with fast lead times and competitive pricing,” says Nesci. “That business model’s been successful, and we’ve been able to grow. We’ve been working with Cadence & Co for many years. Being involved with such an innovative company is a challenge but very satisfying. Often, they come to us with technical inquiries, and we hammer out what is, and is not, possible.”



The partnership between Cadence & Co and No1 Roofing and Building Supplies is not just harmonious and successful, it’s winning awards. Charlotte Park saw Cadence & Co announced as the winner of the Colorbond Inspired Design Promo last March. The competition was a showcase of the best residential builds featuring Colourbond steel.

“It’s very gratifying to win such an award and a testament to our relationship with No1 Roofing,” says Kilkeary. “Great design encompasses many elements from aesthetics and performance, through to the overall materiality of the build. All the elements must work together to create a unified harmonious feel.”

No 1 Roofing and Building Supplies exclusively uses Colourbond steel for all its roofing products. The company deals with projects as large as 20,000-squaremetre warehouses to bespoke 50-square-metre jobs.

“Charlotte Park was about 1000 square metres in size,” says Nesci. “It was an exciting project and a great opportunity to use Australian materials designed for our harsh climate. We actively choose to use Colorbond steel instead of European exotic metals, like copper and zinc. We certainly celebrated when we heard it had won the Inspired Design award.”



Cadence & Co’s ever-expanding portfolio of projects is consistently delivering high-quality, architectural homes. To achieve their results, they bring together all disciplines, including architecture, construction, interior design and landscaping. It produces a unified vision that is ultimately more than the sum of its parts. Working with No1 Roofing and Building Supplies allows for specificity of design and an end product that fits the brief. It’s an award-winning combination.

“It was a joy to be involved with the Charlotte Park project and it has strengthened our relationship with Cadence & Co,” says Nesci. “I’m certain there will be many innovative future projects down the track.”