Dy-Mark Spray & Mark


Spray & Mark the Ultimate Writing Tool

Dy-Mark Spray & Mark is fast drying, premium marking out paint designed for a range of applications including construction, landscaping, civil works, and surveying. Available in a wide range of 16 colours (9 Standard & 7 fluorescent colours) which provide bright highly visible marks on various surfaces including concrete, bitumen, rock, steel, and timber.

It is designed for inverted use on to ground surfaces and its unique spray pattern makes the product suitable for spot marking and is an ultimate writing tool. Another great feature of Spray & Mark is its specifically designed quick drying, toluene-free formulation which provides lower toxicity and hence a safer workplace.

Spray & Mark can be used with accessories such as the Dy-Mark Long Arm Handle and the Dy-Mark 2-Wheel Spot Marking Handle.

These accessories are designed to ease fatigue/back pain with repetitive applications.