Guard against corrosion


The specially formulated Dy-Mark Zinc Guard range provides a tough barrier against corrosion for the metal surfaces of your next project.

With the Dy-Mark Zinc Guard range you will have access to an industrial grade level of protection for your metal surfaces. The Zinc Guard metal protection range has been specially designed to provide superior coverage and protection on metal surfaces, providing a wide selection of industrial grade metal coatings with advanced formulas that will provide a tough barrier against corrosion.

The Zinc Guard range can help restore, preserve and protect old and new metal surfaces with its wide selection of formulas and coatings. The high performing formulas feature premium adhesion properties and quick drying times making them the ideal choice for projects around the work site. Zinc Guard products have also been tested to ensure they can endure the harsh conditions of the Australian environment.

The wide selection of products in the Zinc Guard range offer extreme versatility for all of your metal protection needs.

Prepare and restore old metal surfaces with Zinc Guard Rust Converter, a tannic acid based product that converts rust into a tough barrier against further corrosion. Cold Galvanising Coating, Etch Primer and the Primer range (available in white or grey) can prime any metal surface for the ultimate adhesion of top coats. And you can choose the perfect finish with Silver Bright or the wide selection of colours in the protective Quick Dry Enamel or Epoxy Enamel top coat ranges. The Silver or Black Zinc primer and top coat lines present a time saving all-in-one alternative with the added protection of zinc.

The Zinc Guard range delivers enduring results with every application.