Introducing Eco-Snag


For many years cartridges have been the choice for plumbers and roofers for applying silicone sealants in roofing applications.

And while some manufacturers have introduced silicone in 600ml sausages, these have had limited success. The reason for this is the sausage guns are heavier and longer and require two hands to hold the gun and extrude the silicone.

The Admil Eco-Snag removes these challenges as the 400ml Eco-Snag sausage is the same length as a standard cartridge. This means that the gun used is the same dimension as a standard caulking gun, while holding an extra 33% (100ml) more silicone than a standard cartridge.


Each year in Australia, the construction and DIY sector alone consume millions of single use plastic cartridges that end up in landfill.

Comparatively, as the Eco-Snag crushes down to a small disc once used, it reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill by 85%. This means lower on-site disposal costs, as each bin of used Eco-Snags is equivalent to 12 bins of used cartridges. So, the cost of removing used cartridges from site is 12 times higher than Eco-Snags.

The ecological advantages of the Eco-Snag go further than waste, with the Eco-Snag sausage foils consuming less energy and water in production vs plastic cartridges and emitting a third of the carbon dioxide.


Each Eco-Snag contains an extra 100ml of silicone which equates to 33% more volume. This results in less changeovers for the applicator and a faster rate of application on larger jobs.

The Admil Professional HD Gun can be used to extrude both 400ml Eco-Snags and traditional 300ml cartridges with a quick change of the plunger disc. It is a fully enclosed gun with a clear barrel that makes seeing how much silicone is left in the gun very easy. The HD Gun has a 12:1 gear ratio, which makes light work of extruding sealants and adhesives. The rotating barrel makes it easy to transition from a vertical to horizontal application.