Keeping your workplace safe with Global Spill


Chemical splashes can cause serious injury to the eyes and skin. Emergency eyewash and facewash units deliver essential first aid in the event of an emergency wherever chemicals, oils and fuels are stored, used and handled.

Our range of emergency showers and decontamination eyewash units are designed so that businesses are prepared if or when personnel are exposed to dangerous chemicals and particles on the skin or in the eyes.

Why is a portable eyewash so important?

Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that has commenced within a few seconds can minimise eye damage and prevent long term injury.

Access to a portable eyewash on remote sites is critical to prevent significant damage to the eyes by flushing hazardous substances and irritants from the eyes and face.

Portable units are designed to provide uninterrupted eye washing for 15 minutes at a flow of 1.5 litres per minute, which is vital in order to reduce the risk of significant eye damage before medical attention is available.

Our new portable gravity fed eyewash is lightweight, compact and portable so it can be used on remote sites or on building and construction sites where there is limited access to plumbed water.

The eyewash unit has a high visibility yellow fold-down arm that activates the flow when lowered, leaving hands free to enable the user to hold eyelids open for an effective flush. The eyewash unit arm folds up after use to protect the spray outlets from dust, grime and damage when not in use. Emergency shower and eyewash units should be installed in an area that is easily accessible by all personnel, free from

obstructions or trip hazards and should be clearly identified with green emergency signage that is visible and lit in the event of an emergency so that staff can easily navigate their way to the emergency station.

Each unit is supplied with a 250mL bottle of bacteriostatic preservative to help prevent the growth of harmful bacterial in the tank, keeping the tank water clean and suitable for use.

Our range of shower and eyewash units have been manufactured to meet the relevant Australian Standards. Detailed directions for use, installation and maintenance instructions, including how to fill the eyewash unit with bacteriostatic preservative are included on the eyewash instruction card.

Our range of emergency deluge showers, HAZCHEM decontamination, combination or portable units deliver the latest technologies and are designed to suit any site, workplace or budget.

Choose from plumbed hand/foot operated units for permanent installation, or a portable, pressurised option for ease of transportation. Our range includes eyewash and safety shower products – a broader variety of sizes and styles are available on request.