Klingspor – quality abrasives


Klingspor has a long history of making quality abrasives, from as far back as their foundation 126 years ago in Germany. Their customers know they can expect the best quality from the Klingspor brand. In 2015 Klingspor opened their brand new diamond tools facility in the Ukraine now applying their extensive experience in research, development and manufacturing, their global network of distributors and their highly efficient service and logistics structure to their diamond tools.


Maximum performance, large variety of applications:

Klingspor’s comprehensive range of diamond tools makes it easy for any user to work faster and with greater precision and endurance. All products are made of carefully tested premium grade materials, and the products included in each product line offer a wide range of possible applications and meet the highest safety standards.

Designed for construction above and below ground, road building, roofers and stone cutters, Klingspor diamond products are suitable for all mineral materials and can be mounted on handheld machinery, table saws, electric joint cutters and joint cutters with a capacity of up to 22 kW.

Three product Lines:

Klingspor offers three finely tuned product lines. Every user will find the diamond tool that is suited perfectly for the specific task needed to be accomplished.

Toughest Safety Standards:

Just as all other products made by Klingspor, our diamond tools comply with the strict oSa (Organisation of the safety of abrasives) guidelines and are guaranteed to comply with the European safety standard EN13236.t.