Nailed it

Innovative Australian company, Airco Brands, has been supplying a diversified range of fasteners and tools for 30 years. By Frank Leggett


The Jamieson family have a rich history of over 60 years in the fastener industry stretching across three generations. Currently, Brett Jamieson is at the helm as managing director of Airco Brands. This Australian-owned operation originated in Sydney in 1995 with the business consistently expanding and diversifying. It now boasts six sites across Australia.
Airco Brands cross-sells into multiple industries such as construction, industrial, retail, and rural markets.
Jamieson takes pride in upholding his family’s legacy, balancing his time between Melbourne, Sydney and overseas. He utilises a hands-on
approach that has propelled this family business from strength to strength.
Anthony Cullen is the marketing specialist at Airco Brands. “Even though we’re primarily a fastener company, we’re diversified in the industry segments we service,” he says. “We predominately supply fasteners to the industrial, trade and retail hardware channels. We offer
a comprehensive range, including collated nails, pneumatic tools, compressors, and loose fastenings.
Our distribution centres are strategically positioned across the country, accompanied by a large sales team actively engaged in every state.”
Airco Brands boasts one of the largest and most diverse fastener ranges in Australia, ensuring there is a fastener suitable for every job. As an Australian company, its products are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the country’s harsh conditions.

The Airco Brands product portfolio is wide ranging with applications in numerous industries. These high quality, reliable brands are the
cornerstone on which the business stands. Along with its own Airco products, it boasts some of the most trusted brands in Australia. In 2016, it acquired Otter, a prominent name in the Australian hardware space. The Otter range of fasteners has been used by builders and DIYers since the 1950s.
“Through Airco, the Otter brand has national distribution,” says Cullen. “We sell it through retail hardware chains across Australia.”

Airco Brands continues to solidify its position as a trusted distributor of top tier products in the Australian market.
The inclusion of renowned brands, such as Senco and Cobra, in its portfolio reflects the company’s commitment to offering a diverse and high-quality range of tools, fasteners, and anchors.
This strategic expansion allows Airco Brands to cater to the varying needs of all their customers.
“We’re very proud of our reputation as a reliable and comprehensive solution provider in the construction, industrial and hardware channels,” says Cullen.

Airco Brands recently launched Evolve battery-powered tools under the Senco brand. The framer and bradder offers power and efficiency without the hassle of hoses, compressors or fuel cells.
One of their big advantages is their refill capability.
“Users can refill the cylinder of the guns on site instead of having to take them to maintenance centres,” says Cullen. “The many advantages of battery powered tools have seen a huge uptake across all areas of industry.”

A real success story for Airco Brands has been its range of low-noise compressors. Despite the popularity of battery-powered options, pneumatic tools are still widely used on building sites. Low-noise compressors, available in the Senco and Colt brands, have significantly lowered decibel ratings.
“Users love it,” says Cullen. “You can hear your workmates easily. There is no need to yell to make yourself understood. These compressors also lower the risk of hearing damage.”
Complementing the Otter brand of nails, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts, Airco introduced the Dexpert range of self-drilling decking screws this year.
It’s a perfect partnership because for the past 15 years, Airco Brands has run a successful decking promotion called Decktober designed to encourage people to build or upgrade their entertaining areas in time for Christmas. According to Anthony Cullen, it’s one of the longest
standing fastener promotions in the hardware industry in Australia.

Everything that’s manufactured or distributed by Airco Brands has been extensively tested for Australian conditions. The Airco salesforce is
constantly liaising with stores and end users to gather feedback. Every item that’s imported meets—and exceeds—Australian standards.
“We never import something and just stick our name on it,” says Cullen. “Everything is extensively tested. A perfect example is Evolve tools. We tested them for 18 months in Australia before bringing them to market. We need to be certain that we only supply the highest quality products that can do the job that’s asked of them.”

Airco Brands has recently introduced a new company website and online ordering portal ( While it’s only for business-to-business customers, once logged in, there’s real-time pricing, promotions, accounts information and much more.
The ordering process is streamlined, efficient and trustworthy.
“The portal has received very positive feedback,” says Cullen. “After successfully launching a number of new products this year, we will continue to enhance our product ranges. Our latest release is window packers that complement our range nicely. There’s going to be a lot of new product launches over the next 12 months. It’s an exciting time for us; watch this space.”