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There are good reasons why construction material wholesaler ICCONS enjoys a reputation as one of the best sales, technical and marketing companies in Australasian connections and anchoring space. By Kerry Faulkner


ICCONS is a leading expert in construction fastening systems, operating nine branches and employing 75 professionals across Australasia and is deeply committed to supporting the independent dealer channel and investing in its people, products and marketing tools. The company specialises in anchoring, adhesives, screws, rivets, forced entry powder and gas systems along with a full suite of drill bits and accessories, and its range is used on projects from domestic low-rise construction to major signature Australian infrastructure projects.

In 2020, the Melbourne company won Best B2B Online Retailer in the Australia Post Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAs) for transforming into a more digitally agile business, offering B2B clients the very best in online merchandising, service, functionality and customer experience.
Managing director Philip Rose says the company remains as firmly focused on investing in the sector and meeting the needs of the market as ever, recently unveiling both its Anchor Armour (AA) platform and LearnPRO initiatives. The first range of products launched on AA was ICCONS screw bolts, the broadest range available in Australia across its ultimate, premium and standard categories. The AA platform is designed to help users, dealers and engineers easily buy products and access information and technical support.
As Rose explains, AA supports loyal dealers by creating ‘pull through’ of ICCONS products by removing any barriers. This is coupled with a world first and highly successful Redemption Program, rewarding end users for their loyalty to the ICCONS brand with top
quality merchandise.

LearnPRO is ICCONS’ education platform for its dealer network, engineers and end users providing engaging technical, commercial and personal development training courses in one easy-to-use platform.
Rose explains the need for educational content has never been greater because of increasing construction regulations and building requirements.
“Both Anchor Armour and LearnPRO are examples of ICCONS drive to innovate and stay ahead of our competition,” he says. “Both require
enormous investment and ongoing resources to keep these tools polished, but we know that these initiatives all work to drive growth in our dealer network and, in turn, in our own company.
“The LearnPRO platform, in particular, is in its infancy, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and with a roadmap ready for LearnPRO additions, we see it as a pillar of the company’s offerings into the future.”
With a dedicated engineering team and state-of-the-art testing laboratory, there have been countless innovative additions to ICCONS’s ranges and constant product improvements.
Rose says the company is uncompromising on quality. “As the Australian construction landscape continues to evolve, we remain right across all the relevant Australian Standards, anticipating changes and delivering the best quality, fit-for-purpose product range in the market.”
He explains ICCONS identified early the opportunity for more efficient fixing options with the growth in light-gauge steel-frame construction in Australia.
Structnail is the result; a patented pneumatic or gas actuated nailing system that cuts down installation time drastically. With its unique shank knurling and super-sharp point, Structnail pierces and grips on light-gauge steel, returning outstanding loads and making it a perfect
substitute for traditional screw methods in a huge number of bracing, cladding, building rap and flooring applications.

Another product, Screwbolts has quickly become the fixing of choice for anchoring, from do-it-yourself jobs to major infrastructure because of its versatility, high-load performance and quick installation.
Rose says ICCONS has invested extensively in its Screwbolt range, re-launched via the Anchor Armour platform. It boasts the largest range of concrete and masonry screw bolts in the Australasian market across ultimate, premium and standard offerings.
“In addition, adhesive anchoring has been the core of post-installed concrete anchoring for some time. Now with the growing need for European Technical Assessments within the National Construction Code, Australian Standards and demand from users, the ICCONS Chemical Injection platforms again remove the barriers for users.
“ICCONS is proud to have the broadest range of Chemical Injection Systems via its ‘Chemselect’ offering, with systems suitable for ultimate, premium and standard performance requirements.
“Using an ICCONS Ultimate Performance ChemSelect Injection System can reduce anchor embedment by more than 50 per cent, saving drill
time, material use and cost drastically when compared to standard competitor product.
“We continue to strive for unparalleled service onsite and online. Where COVID-19 may have shocked other businesses into cost-cutting measures and reducing headcount, ICCONS believed that its people would be the solution to any headwinds such an event presented. And we were right; this has been an incredibly valuable lesson, as ICCONS people and, in turn, the service to our customers has been the driving force behind our success.

“You won’t find the ICCONS brand in any of the big box retailers, and more importantly for our dealers, you won’t see ICCONS selling direct to the end user market either.
“This means our dealers will never have to watch their backs when dealing with ICCONS; the brand equity and demand for our products that we have built over the past 10-plus years is for our dealer and user network, ultimately giving them confidence they are dealing with a reputable and quality-driven team of people.”