Smart solutions in passive fire protection


Protect with Bostik Fireban®.

At Bostik, we understand that meeting fire safety standards is essential to all areas of industry. We strive to uphold the highest levels of fire safety through our cutting-edge sealant technologies. Our fireproofing solutions are ideal for residential and commercial applications, possessing fire resistant properties with exceptional performance and longevity.

Bostik Fireban® is a select range of passive fire protection solutions formulated and rigorously tested to the latest Australian Standards (AS1530.4 tests conducted in February 2020) to achieve and surpass the requirements outlined in the Building Code of Australia. When subjected to intense heat, our smart sealants swell in order to support in the filling of potentially hazardous voids and gaps. This forms an insulating char that helps prevent the permeation of smoke and flame, enabling your installation to withstand extreme temperatures for up to four hours under certain conditions while maintaining structural integrity.

Bostik Fireban® is suitable for all forms of ventilation, piping, expansion and construction joints, and can bond to an impressive range of substrates from wood, metal and glass to masonry, concrete and timber.

Introducing the Bostik Fireban® range of fire-rated sealant and foam products:

  • Bostik Fireban® One – Fire Resistance up to 4 hours as per AS1530.4
  • Bostik Fireban® Acrylic – Fire Resistance up to 4 hours as per AS1530.4
  • Bostik Fireban® Hybrid – Fire Resistance up to 4 hours as per AS1530.4
  • Bostik Fireban® Expanda Foam – Fire Resistance up to 2 hours as per AS1530.4, can be increased in combination with other Fireban® products.

Stuck? Ask Bostik.

Our tailored support service offers expert advice and support with passive fire applications to help you find the most suitable solution. Services include:

  • Individual site specifications and warranties available, free of charge
  • Engineering Support
  • National On-Site Support & Testing.
  • Fully Independent 3rd party fire testing by accredited facility
  • Pre Adhesion to Substrate Testing (P.A.T.S)
  • Support Hotline
  • Product Training

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