The threading specialists


Goliath Threading Tools was founded in the UK in 1962 as a manufacturer of HSS taps, HSS dies, and related specialist threading tools. From its head office in Birmingham, England, the company rapidly established a worldwide distribution network based on its reputation for uncompromising quality. As threading tool specialists Goliath has long been known as a one-stop shop for most threading needs.

After over 50 years of distribution here in Australia, Goliath was acquired by Bordo International with a view to further strengthen that company’s ‘Engineering Excellence’ mantra.

Today, the Goliath range has expanded to include a range of cutting fluids and pastes, including a semisynthetic soluble fluid, aluminium cutting fluid, the world famous ‘Rapid Tap’ cutting oil and paste as well as ‘Stick-Kut’ wax lubricant for saw blades, grinding wheels and sanding belts.

For the precision required in threaded holes and threaded rod, Goliath is also a supplier of plug gauges, ring gauges and thread pitch gauges. And to clean up internal and external threads, Goliath supplies a range of Filon thread files.

With such an extensive range it is no wonder that many products sold by Goliath are unique. Tap extractors, for example, are often the only viable method of removing broken taps from holes without damage to the workpiece. Tap extractors have hardened steel ‘fingers’ that fit into the flutes of broken taps allowing them to be wound out simply and safely. As threading tool specialists a large and comprehensive range of products is essential. Goliath’s huge range of stocked taps and dies is the biggest in Australia and continues to be expanded year on year.

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