Working with steel frames?


According to Australian Construction Insights, as of September 2018, lightweight steel represents approximately 14 per cent of residential structural framing. Fast forward to June 2021, and with the influences of the Australian bushfires of 2019-20, COVID 19 and other environmental and economic factors, lightweight steel construction has been in many cases the answer to an ever-growing timber shortage across Australia.

Building successfully in steel requires a carefully selected combination of the right products, optimised design, and specialised engineering, making the ICCONS® Structnail® range of innovative steel-frame fasteners a game changer in this space.

The Structnail®, Gripshank™ SuperSharpy™ branded nails are specifically designed and engineered for installation for a wide range of materials and provide excellent pull-out loads into steel frame sections as thin as 0.55mm. The engineered SuperSharpy™ point and Gripshank™ knurling create an instant fused connection that is impressively simple.

Paired with a regular 15° pneumatic nail gun, users find installation speed that is unmatched by traditional screw or riveting systems.


  • Pneumatic driven for rapid and easy install
  • Helical design for high performance in steel
  • Standard collation to fit multiple 15-degree coil nailer brands
  • Engineered point for fastening into 0.55mm to 2.5mm steel
  • PT2000™ coating for external applications to category 3 ensuring warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 6-8 times faster installation than conventional methods
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Approved with industry leading cladding systems such as James Hardie™ and Weathertex™
  • Perfect for both on-site and offsite installation (prefab steel frame construction)


ICCONS® Structnail®, Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ come complete with approvals for use with major players in the cladding space – James Hardie™ and Weathertex™. Product specifications can be found in their technical supplements online.

For more information or an onsite demonstration on how Structnail® can help with your next project, contact your local ICCONS® representative via the website: