A new beast hits the Australian market


Bison boots have hit the shores of Australia and we are stoked to tell our story.

When it comes to boots, our philosophy is Fit, Grip, and Comfort. Our BISON Chief Footwear Designer, Maurice Keats, has had a long career in designing footwear for elite athletes and sport-shoe brands around the world. He is passionate about comfort and safety working together to ensure the needs of the modern industrial worker is catered for.


FIT – We’ve created a wide and an extra wide last to enable wearers with broader feet to reduce their standard boot size (length).

It is a common problem when your feet don’t conform to a standard width. Often the only solution is to wear boots one to two sizes larger than required to accommodate a wider foot. The extra length of an ‘up-sized boot’, creates a range of health and safety issues. An oversized boot is a potential trip hazard, which may lead to injury or worse. Boots that are too long increase your chance of toe injury under impact, because your toes are no longer under the protection of the safety toe cap.

We believe your work boots should work for you. That is why we have two sized lasts for our XT boots. Our Standard XT last suits feet of all sizes including those that lean towards wide. Our XT EXTRA WIDE last accommodates for the widest of feet and those who want extra room for big socks.


GRIP – We formulated the Bison Grip nitrile rubber sole in our XTs. This has a multi- directional tread pattern that is more grippy than any other boot we tested, in both wet and dry conditions. We’ve also added a rocker bottom (at heel and toe), and a forward pitch to reduce heel strike, slip risk, and wearer fatigue.


COMFORT – Our market first “IMFLEX” penetration resistant midsole uses thermoforming technology. Thermoforming allows for increased flex across the forepart of the foot and additional cushioning under the heel. Flex in the forefoot reduce wearer fatigue in the arches, feet, and ankles and Cushioning at the heel reduces the risk of heel strike injury. Anti-penetration soles have never felt so good!

And to top it all off we’ve added a state-of-the-art foot bed. Our foot bed is equipped with athletic arch support, compression resilient cushioning, plus an innovative use of channels and holes to encourage air circulation around the foot. Bison XT boots, with a 30-day comfort guarantee, you can’t afford not to give them a go?