Versatile crossline laser


Suitable for a range of tasks and trades

When you’re on the jobsite you’re already working hard and you need your tools to work as hard as you are. The aLine CL-5DG green beam crossline laser is one such tool. The CL-5DG is a highly versatile laser that is suitable for a range of interior set-out tasks.

The aLine CL-5DG is an accurate, self-levelling crossline laser with a green beam. The CL-5DG is equipped with two 180° horizontal/vertical lines, plus five perpendicular dots over the interior fit-out area. “The aLine CL-5DG shows off its versatility within the marketplace with its ability to be used by a variety of trades, including plasterers, tilers, cabinet maker, carpenters and electricians. Whether its transferring points from the floor to the ceiling or checking plumb or level,” said David Gentle, Business Manager – Building, Position Partners.

“The CL-5DG has the flexibility to easily handle interior setout tasks accurately and is easy to use with its bright green beams and dots. You can also lock the compensator so that the lines can be used for manual grade tasks.”

The aLine CL5DG laser features a working range of 30m and an accuracy of plus/minus 3mm at 10m. The kit includes: CL-5DG green beam crossline laser; magnetic wall mount; green target; instruction manual; soft carry case. The C-L5DG laser also comes with a two year warranty for your peace of mind.

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