Deck Envy is here


There is nothing more Australian than throwing a snag on the BBQ, and there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a summers day out on your deck with family and friends.

However, while the Aussie sun can be great, it can also be harsh on your timber decking. Timber decks exposed to the elements are at risk from harmful UV rays, which can not only lead to cosmetic problems, such as discoloration and greying, but structural issues as well.

Impact-A’s new Deck Envy rejuvenates, cleans and restores natural timber. It contains surfactants to remove dirt, oil, grease, algae and mould while restoring the natural colour to your timber. It is biodegradable and Australian Made, so you know it’s ideal for Aussie conditions.

Deck Envy is also perfect for preparing your deck before applying the topcoat. It can be used on existing timber to ensure a clean surface before oiling or staining, and is ideal for removing naturally occurring tannins in new timber.

Deck Envy is easy to use. Simply mix one part Deck Envy to four parts water, then using a stiff brush, scrub the mixture into the area to be cleaned. Wait 10 minutes, then hose off. Depending on the stain, you may need to repeat the process.

Breathe new life into your deck with Impact-A Deck Envy and be the envy of your neighbours for years to come.

Available from your local CSS Member store.