Makita – we have you covered


Makita has an over 100-year history in manufacturing and over 70 years servicing the Australian industrial and hardware segments.

Through constant innovation Makita has enjoyed unprecedented growth. With specific focus on delivering solutions in battery technology to assist in the transition from both Electric and Petrol-powered Product.

Makita is heavily focused on the end-to-end journey of our consumer base, from the Makita service centres delivering market leading repair times to our direct to site programs ensuring the correct product is selected based on application. To our dedicated sales team focusing on ranging in store and our training team ensuring our account base has the best information and knowledge available. “We have you covered”.

We continue to expand our direct to site teams around the country with the SCR and our BDR initiatives. The two teams complement our on-the-road market offering, in a range of ways both similar but different in their approach and outcomes.

Sales Conversion Rep (SCR) is primarily focused on direct relationships between our account base and their customers. They are tasked with developing strong relationships with the store staff/end users, giving more indepth options for the end users looking to purchase. This role also includes regular training sessions with Tafe/RTOs.

Business Development Representative (BDR) is a National team that engages directly with large end users, within targeted industry sectors, to maximize operational efficiencies through a comprehensive Equipment Management Program.

Focus is on safety and fit for purpose product solutions.