The ICCONS way


With established operations in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, together with a development base in Europe, ICCONS is thriving in a post COVID world that is perpetually changing. ICCONS has recently completed development of a new head office facility which will house its new R & D, Quality Control and testing divison. Within this new building a tool repair centre will be established servicing and repairing ICCONS equipment focusing on quick and efficient turn around times for all its customers.

The key driver of the ICCONS business today is understanding what the construction industry needs and complying with the latest Australian standards. It all starts with product development where ICCONS enjoys strong relationships with its global manufacturing partners throughout the world developing products that offer solutions and address the latest design and construction challenges facing the industry.

  • 100 year design life fastening systems
  • Seismic anchoring solutions
  • Fire rated fastening design
  • Cracked concrete performance
  • AS 5216:2021 design software

Product solutions is only part of the ICCONS philosophy. SERVICE is what we focus on to ensure customers are trained and educated on what they sell and ultimately use on site! ICCONS offers training support for all customers from its dedicated head office training facility to site specific product training with reach to sites all around the country via its trained team of Technical Sales Specialists.

The ICCONS engineering team is experienced and highly skilled in solving fastening design problems. Sharing fastening knowledge with designers, contractors and end users is what they do. Conducting presentations and supporting the team on site, engineering support is key to the ICCONS experience ensuring you get the best solution.

As a proud supporting member and technical committee member of AEFAC (Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchors Council), ICCONS has been part of the driving force helping create standards and improving safety in the construction industry.

  • ICCONS continues to develop new products and solutions both at design and site level including its latest platforms
  • ICCONS DesignPro software (free download at

TestPRO PT-60 site testing unit for all your proof testing needs!

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