Delta Force


Every now and then a revolution is needed!

As specialists in industrial and engineering products, Bordo has a long history of continually improving and evolving existing technologies to give our customers the best tools possible. Drill bits are no exception to this rule. But while evolution is great, every now and again a ‘revolution’ is needed.

Traditional drill bits have always been chisel point where the flat tip of the drill had to effectively push through the material being drilled. There was a tendency for the drill bit to wander unless the material had been punched. Split point drill bits are now more common. They are faster drilling and there is less drill bit wander. However, despite their advantages, split point drill bit design would best be described as a design evolution rather than a revolution.

The development of the Delta Point drill tip, however, meant going back to the drawing board. John Lojko, head of Engineering Development at Bordo said that ‘it was never going to be a case of simply modifying existing point types or tweaking the grind angles. Delta Point tip design required a revolutionary re-think of drill tip function’.

Delta Point drills have a multi-faceted cutting tip. The protruding centre tip acts like a pilot drill significantly increasing drill bit efficiency, especially on curved surfaces. The overall length of the cutting edge significantly exceeds that of conventional drills. Drilling times for a range of split point and Delta Point drills consistently showed that Delta Point bits were nearly twice as fast in mild steel. During independent lifetime testing, Delta Point drills drilled ten times the number of holes than split point drills in mild steel. Testing was also done in different materials and one surprising outcome was how well Delta Point drilled in stainless steel. The go-to drill for stainless has always been the cobalt jobber drill, but Delta Point outperformed this drill type, drilling more than double the number of holes. Delta Point drills are available in all 1mm and 0.5mm sizes to 13mm as well as all the tapping drill sizes.

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