On the cutting edge


Picture yourself looking at the top of a communications tower knowing you need to drill four 14mm holes to attach a bracket to the tower. You need to climb up the tower with a 12kg magnetic based drill on your back just to drill the hole and then work out how to thread it. It is heavy, dangerous work. Then along comes the Versadrive by Alpha; your job just got a whole lot easier, and faster!

Versadrive by Alpha is the 1st modular cutting system in the world that allows cutting tools to be used across multiple tool platforms such as impact wrenches, drills, and drivers along with rotary drills, magnetic based drills and pillar drills.

This innovative system features a range of impact rated and rotary rated cutting and threading tools coupled with a collection of specially designed and engineered adapters to rapidly fit power tools providing fast tool changeover. The tools in the range have been engineered and tested to outperform and outlast comparable products. They guarantee faster cutting, longer wear life and are designed to maximise performance.

Versadrive tools save time, increase productivity and save money! When you get to the top of the tower with your Versadrive kit you can use your standard, portable power tools to get the job done fast and more importantly, safely.

Investing in Versadrive by Alpha cutting & threading tools removes the challenges of on-site drilling, hole-making and threading in one easy system.