Depend on KNIPEX

    Safety, Reliability and Performance


    For over 140 years, KNIPEX has been exclusively producing tools in their founding location; Wuppertal, Germany. Renowned for pioneering solutions across multiple industries, KNIPEX proudly unveils its latest innovation: the 002105EV Insulated EV Kit, a comprehensive toolkit
    designed specifically for the meticulous maintenance and inspection of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

    The 002105EV kit comes complete with 29 insulated tools, including pliers, open-ended spanners, and a 3/8” ratchet set – all VDE-tested and carefully organised in a durable tool case with the ProfiCode locking system. The color-coded foam insert not only enhances visibility but also guides mechanics to the designated places for removed sockets.

    Offering a user-centric approach, the case features removable tool panels, enabling customisation based on individual preferences, ensuring easy access to tools during EV service.

    Trusting your tools is vital when working with electrical currents. KNIPEX insulated tools therefore not only meet statutory requirements,
    but also guarantee the greatest safety, reliability, and performance. Every insulated tool undergoes, one by one, a dielectric strength test at 10,000V AC (approved for work up to 1,000V AC), this guarantees a reassuring safety buffer. Other procedures check the reliability of the
    insulation towards heat, cold, tensile, and impact force.

    Depend on KNIPEX tools to navigate the evolving automotive landscape and stay ahead with the 002105EV Insulated EV Kit – the perfect
    companion for mechanics embracing the world of electric vehicles.