Exploring Australian Excellence with Sutton Tools


In an age of global trade, Sutton Tools exemplifies Australian prowess by being an Australian Made licensee and a proud supporter of the Australian Made Campaign.

The company has invested in the Australia Made Green and Gold Jumping Kangaroo Logo, symbolizing a commitment to quality. This dedication to local production of the iconic Sutton drill sets is a testament to Sutton Tools’ rich heritage and unwavering focus on quality.

As an Australian-owned and operated entity since 1917, Sutton Tools proudly contributes to the local community and economy. This ownership allows complete control over the manufacturing process, ensuring each drill bit carrying the Sutton Tools insignia is meticulously
crafted with precision and unparalleled quality. Decisions are made with the values and preferences of Australian customers in mind, fostering a deep connection with the local trades.

By keeping production processes within Australia, Sutton Tools supports local employment and maintains a quality standard synonymous with the brand. Skilled machinists use cutting edge technology to craft drill bits that consistently exceed the expectations of professionals across various industries.

Sutton Tools has successfully built a loyal following, from industry professionals to DIY enthusiasts, all attesting to the quality and dependability of its drill bit range. The company’s commitment to being Australian made extends beyond its drill bits, symbolizing a dedication to excellence that resonates with a diverse customer base.