ETA Rated Anchors


In an endeavour to stay current and innovative, as technology advances, building codes change, and safety becomes increasingly more important, Macsim Fastenings is constantly evolving its products.

Proof of this evolution is the recently introduced NCC Compliant and ETA certified ranges of Wedge Anchors, Screwbolts, Drop In Anchors, and a DBZ Anchor. Our anchors are sourced from a leading manufacturer and have been designed for use in safety critical applications. All products comply with AS5216, and are fire rated. Wedge Anchors are Option 1 and C1/C2 Seismic rated. Screwbolts are Option 1 rated, and some sizes are C1/C2 Seismic rated. Drop In Anchors are Option 7 rated, and both the Drop In Anchors and the DBZ Anchor are for use for redundant non-structural systems.

Anchors that qualify under Seismic Category C1 and C2 provide capacities in terms of Tension, Shear Resistance and Displacement.

The concrete cracking effect is taken into account in the assessment for both seismic categories with different crack widths.

For Option 1, the Option number determines the scope of application for which the fastener performance has been independently verified. Factors determining the number include the state of concrete, concrete strength, direction of loading, effect of reduced edge and spacing distances, and design method. Option 1 (cracked and uncracked concrete) is one of the most demanding testing regimes.

Our Screwbolts are available in Hex Head, Countersunk, Button Head and Hanger, in 6, 8, 10mm diameters, and in 60 – 140mm lengths. Our Wedge Anchors are available in 8,10,12,16, 20mm diameters, and in 75 – 180mm lengths. Our Drop In Anchors are available in 8,10,12mm diameters, and in 30 – 50mm lengths. Our DBZ Anchor is available in 6mm diameter, and is 35mm in length.

For further information on the Macsim NCC Compliant and ETA certified ranges, please contact your nearest CSS branch.