Sando sledge hammers


With a well-known reputation for being the “Original Unbreakable Sledge Hammer”, Sando sledge hammers are the choice of demolition experts.

What makes Sando a strike above the others is confidence. The innovative locking plate design ensures the head won’t separate from the handle. The handle is made up of a  core of high tensile steel rods that are moulded to abrasive resistant rubber making it unbreakable. Great to hold and easy to use, the Sando Sledge Hammer will give you confidence to strike in wet and dry conditions.

In addition to the best selling Steel Sledge Hammer, Sando also makes a range of other striking tools including club hammers, ball pein hammers, soft face and copper sledge hammers.

Sando Striking Tools have been around for almost 50 years and if the brand is as strong as their hammers, Sando will be around for 50 years more.

Sando Striking Tools are proudly distributed by White International. 

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