Getting Better All the Time


Sutton Tools is in its 106th year of manufacturing cutting tools, producing its products both in Australia and New Zealand. It has a strong commitment to local manufacturing, ensuring both quality and accessibility to its Australian consumers.

Sutton Tools’ has had a remarkable recovery from the Kaiapoi Manufacturing Plant fire in January 2022 with current stock levels restored to pre-fire levels.

A new site has now been secured in Rangiora and construction is now underway for a new state of the art manufacturing facility. This is a strong testament to the collective resilience and determination of the company in overcoming adversity.

With struggling global supply chain issues, Sutton Tools has taken advantage of its local manufacturing capabilities by increasing production within their Australian plants. By producing tools locally, Australian customers benefitted from a consistent supply of tools to meet increased demands. Additionally, local manufacturing provides greater control over production processes, improve response times to changes in market demands, and reduce transportation costs. Overall, Sutton Tools remain competitive in a challenging market by increasing efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings through local manufacturing.

Sutton Tools is well known for its metal cutting tools, particularly its metal drilling line with well-known ranges such as Silver Bullet, Blue Bullet, Inox and Cobalt drills stocked in all major retailers.

According to Sutton Tools senior product manager Jeff Austin, “As a market leader in the metal cutting space in Australia, Sutton Tools understands that its users remain loyal to the brand due to the industrial quality products that exceed the standards set by its competitors, the company is likely to maintain its competitive advantage and retain customer loyalty. As our production capacity grows in 2023, we will continue to find ways to leverage our industrial quality Australian Made products. This is our competitive advantage.”

Sutton Tools remains committed to maintain and increase its production capacity locally in the long term. This will improve supply chain stability and resilience as well as support the local economy.