ICCONS – Serious Connections


With established operations in Australia (seven branches), New Zealand, and Thailand, together with a development base in Europe, ICCONS is thriving in a post COVID world that is perpetually changing. ICCONS has recently completed development of a new head office facility which will house its new R&D, quality control and testing division.

Within this new building a tool repair centre has been established to service and repair ICCONS equipment, focusing on quick and efficient turn around times for all its customers.

The key driver of ICCONS business today is understanding what the construction industry needs and complying with the latest Australian standards. It all starts with product development where ICCONS enjoys strong relationships with its global manufacturing partners throughout the world, developing products that offer solutions and addresses the latest design and construction challenges facing the industry. Education is key and that’s what ICCONS prides itself on, the fact that they have a highly technical sales and engineering team to drive these key messages back to the end user, a SERVICE which ICCONS people pride themselves on, especially in this day and age, where the market is evolving consistently.

Areas of focus but not limited to are:

  • Seismic anchoring solutions
  • 100-year design life fastening systems
  • Fire rated fastening design.
  • Cracked concrete performance.
  • AS5216:2021 design software

Product solutions is only part of the ICCONS philosophy. The ICCONS SERVICE model also includes training support from a dedicated head office training facility, on site load testing, with the newly landed PT60 digital load tester which connects directly to the ICCONS app via Bluetooth, to deliver a fast and accurate test which can be instantly emailed to engineers once the test is complete, a world first, again by ICCONS.

The ICCONS engineering team is experienced and highly skilled in solving fastening design problems. Sharing this fastening knowledge with designers, contractors and end users is what they do. Conducting presentations and supporting the sales team on site, engineering support is key to the ICCONS experience, ensuring you get the best solution.

As a proud supporting member of AEFAC (Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchors Council) ICCONS has been part of the driving force helping create standards and improving safety in the construction industry.

ICCONS is continuing its journey to be the best sales, technical and marketing company in the Australasian connections and anchoring space. To do this in the current market, ICCONS is constantly adapting to the demands of users, dealers, and specifiers. For that very reason ICCONS have recently launched their Anchor Armour program which has been designed to further assist users and dealers, ensuring they choose the right product for the right application.

The first range of products launched under the Anchor Armour platform is screw bolts, again a world first with the broadest range in the world promoted via the Ultimate, Premium and Standard performance categories, or UPS. Users now have the ability to choose the exact part for their application and at the same time be rewarded by an industry first end user redemption program for simply purchasing ICCONS gear!

Phil Rose (Managing Director) states “ICCONS searches the construction space for innovation through creativity and speed to market, providing sustainable growth in the form of new techniques and ideas that can only be fuelled with a dynamic product roadmap that delivers innovation and not mimicry”.

Watch this space with ICCONS soon to be released and highly anticipated second chapter of the Anchor Armour program. 

For further information head to www.icccons.com.au.