Impact-A Floorguard


Super Tough Floor Protection

Impact-A Floor Guard is a super tough floor protection sheet.

Manufactured from a closed-cell, cross-linked foam and thermally fused to a strong polyfabric weave. This material is tough, durable and free from any heavy metals, plasticisers and CFC’s.

Impact-A Floor Guard is supplied in 20 meter x 1.2 meter rolls and weighs less than 8kg per roll.

Each roll is individually wrapped in a strong, durable plastic bag that is easy to store, transport and handle.


Used to protect a wide variety of common surfaces such as :

» Polished granite and marble

» Various types and varieties of tiled surfaces

» Carpets – new and old

» Timber flooring

» Kitchen and bathroom benchtops

» Waterproofing membranes (as a protective sheet for)

» Polished concrete floors and freshly laid concrete surfaces


Features :

» Will not decay or rot out

» Has excellent chemical resistance

» Has a high abrasion and tear resistance

» Has high water resistance and can be used as a water barrier

» Easy to cut and shapes well through folds (wall protection for example)

» Fast and simple to install

» It’s lightweight for ease of transportation and handling

» Impact-A Super Tough Floor Protection Sheet is reusable