New Knipex Twingrip


More than excellent pliers

Manufacturing exclusively in Germany for more than 130 years, Knipex specialises in the development and production of high quality pliers and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of these products. With over a thousand separate styles and sizes, Knipex offers a complete range of pliers for many applications. Knipex pliers are designed to deliver high load bearing capacity and long service life.

The new and exclusive Knipex TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers are the all-purpose solution for stuck workpieces such as bolts and screws. These very slim pliers let you work even in confined installation spaces with a narrow turning zone for fast results. They offer a unique combination—front grip and side grip function, box joint and push button adjustment. The high-grip front jaw with robust teeth offers a high gear ratio at the tip of the mouth. Knipex has also added another member to its pliers wrench range, the Pliers Wrench XS. With a length of only 100 millimeters, this versatile tool with a width across flats of up to 21 millimeters can tighten and loosen screws gently and much, much more. It has a continuous gripping capacity for all common widths, both metric and imperial. The high lever  transmission joint means that workpieces can be securely gripped, held, pressed or bent. Thanks to its compact design and very slim head, the Pliers Wrench XS is also perfect for working in the most confined spaces. The tool can be easily fine adjusted with

one hand and has ten adjustment positions for different workpiece sizes by simply pushing. The sturdy slip joint offers great stability and long-term resilience, while a pinch stop prevents crush injuries.

The high quality and vast range of Knipex pliers is assured by constant innovation in the function, performance and ergonomic features of each plier right through from design stage to production.

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