Force360 and TRu Workwear are proud national brand partners of MATES in Construction, Mining and Energy.

With suicide rates 80% higher than any other industry and construction workers, 6x more likely to die from suicide than a workplace accident, the need for intervention and support is essential. By making substantial contributions to support MATES in reducing suicide and improving mental health in our key industries, we have been able to make a difference.

The Mates in Construction program aims to raise awareness of suicide as a preventable problem, and in turn connect workers to the best available help or support by building stronger and more resilient relationships between workers.

By partnering with industry researchers MATES can inform the industry around best mental health practice.

MATES are able to achieve this by training workers in the workplace to improve mental health and suicide prevention, increase help seeking and help offering and engage the workforce in creating a mentally health workplace.

By purchasing products from our Graphex® Range of cut resistant gloves, TRu Workwear Core Series and Bool Workwear Range, you will be helping support MATES in Construction and help suicide prevention across the construction, mining and energy industries.

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