Hands on protection


Specialising in market leading hand protection suited to Australian conditions, Paramount Safety’s PIP range of hand protection provides innovative quality products that keep workers safe and performing at their best.

For example, the G-Tek SuperSkin General Purpose Work Glove which fits and acts as a ‘Protective Skin’, allows the wearer to conduct any manual handling task without removing them. We achieved this with our patented Skin Contouring Technology. Once the glove has been activated by the body temperature of each wearer, the SuperSkin glove has the unique ability to form into each individual’s hand shape as a perfect fitting Protective Skin.

The G-Tek ForceShield features new technology in the form of a PolyKor X7 ultra fine super strong Cut Resistant liners. These deliver a very high Level E Cut Protection rating to the latest EN388 / ISO 13997 standards testing. This fine 18 Gauge liner combines with the wet grip Nitrile coating to create good fit, feel and sensitivity with robust and secure wet or dry grip control. Additional features of this glove is the Back of Hand Impact protection at the Higher Level 2 ISEA 138 certification, without compromising finger or hand flexibility and comfort.

The G-Tek Platinum F+ boasts a PolyKor X7 technology liner with Neo Foam coating, producing a sheer fitting High Dexterity, maximum level Cut Resistant glove. The EN388: 2016 Level F rating is exceeded by a further 25% making this Platinum F+ glove the choice for high demand precision fitting cut resistance.

Further benefits this outstanding glove provides:

  • Touch
  • Screen compatible
  • Sanitised for hygiene and reuse
  • UPF 50+ Protection
  • FDA approval
  • EN16350 Anti-Static certified.

See the full range of PIP hand protection at paramountsafety.com.au